Why this programme?

Being a great mentor is more than just giving advice. It is a different relationship from being a line manager which requires a different set of intentions and a different way of communicating.

What we cover and how?

This module is about being a great mentor; helpful intentions, how to behave, how to listen and ask great questions and provoke change through stories.

  • Individuals experiment with different ways of communicating
  • Individuals learn to precisely listen and question
  • Individuals learn how to create and when to use stories and metaphors

Outcomes for the delegate


  • Listen patiently and precisely


  • Ask insightful questions to provoke philosophical shifts in thinking


  • Build a mutually beneficial supportive and trusted relationship

Outcomes for the organisation

  • Mentors possessing a set of influential skills that can be applied to other leadership communication
  • Mentors are more engaged in mentoring programs through personal reward
  • Mentees are more engaged in the organisation
  • Increased organisational performance as you’re nurturing leaders of tomorrow

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