Why this programme?

Effective delegation is art form because you are juggling two different variables: the level at which you like to delegate and the level at which your direct reports like to be delegated to. Flexing your style of delegation is a key ability.

What we cover and how?

This module shows how to delegate by varying levels of involvement and communicating at variable levels of detail based upon the task and the operating environment.

  • Individuals respond to their Catalyst feedback
  • Individuals find their current style of delegation
  • Individuals learn to flex their style using noggin’s delegation model.

Outcomes for the individual


  • Work in the world of your direct reports to fully engage them


  • Provide helpful challenge and create more stretch
  • Create a dynamic that allows more developmental delegation


  • Encourage, empathise and provide support

Outcomes for the organisation

  • Improved business performance through more efficient conversations about performance
  • Increase engagement in the process-eliminate misunderstandings and defensiveness
  • Be more resilient and confident tackling underperformance

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