Why this programme?

There are fundamental interpersonal needs that are present in any interaction involving human beings. You ignore these needs at your peril if you want to have a positive impact on others and influence them.

What we cover and how?

This module is most often experienced first as a foundation for other modules. It introduces Noggin’s ABC model and helps delegates understand the fundamental interpersonal needs that fuel motivation and performance.

  • Individuals experience the primal importance of Noggin’s ABC model
  • Individuals establish their current emotional range or agility
  • Individuals create a personal plan

Outcomes for the individual


  • Be present to the impact you are having on other’s


  • Flex your behaviour to respond in the moment


  • Connect with people at a deeper level

Outcomes for the organisation

  • Leaders develop practical self-awareness
  • Leaders develop practical emotional agility and competence
  • Leaders are engaged in developing more emotional range in their style
  • Leaders can appreciate the impact they have on others and begin to change

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