Why this programme?

Performance related conversations are a real contact sport; knowing what you want to say and being able to do it effectively  in real time are very different. Moving from a box ticking exercise to a real conversation is essential.

What we cover and how?

This module shows how to conduct real, positive, frank and non-defensive  conversations that lead to a lasting change in engagement, motivation and performance.

  • Individuals respond to their Catalyst feedback
  • Individuals are introduced to useful thought processes coupled with behaviour and language that creates open dynamics and productive conversations
  • Individuals learn to flex their style using Noggin’s feedback model

Outcomes for the individual


  • Capture someone’s fully engaged attention by managing expectations effectively and working in the other persons world


  • Use precise questions to get the bottom of performance conversations and gently provoke helpful responses


  • Approach the conversation in a frank and authentic way and generate trust

Outcomes for the organisation

  • Improved business performance through more efficient conversations about performance
  • Increase engagement in the process -eliminate misunderstandings and defensiveness
  • Be more resilient and confident tackling underperformance

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