Why this programme?

Genuine collaboration is a rare thing. People leaders who can create conditions for genuine collaboration can achieve results extremely quickly. You need to have an awareness of the interpersonal dynamics that help and hinder.

What we cover and how?

This module demonstrates the interpersonal conditions that fuel collaboration or sabotage it.

  • Individuals respond to their Catalyst feedback
  • A demonstration of what fuels and disrupts collaborative interactions
  • Practicing Noggin’s go-to behaviours in different collaborative contexts

Outcomes for the individual


  • Create a dynamic where all participants want to actively include themselves


  • Manage dynamics without need to control them


  • Create open dynamics where individuals can participate without fear of consequence

Outcomes for the organisation

  • Identify opportunities for wider collaboration
  • Established clearer collaborative intent
  • More efficient and quicker meetings
  • Acceleration of change initiatives

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