Why this programme?

Storytelling is an age old method for engaging audiences at a deeper level. Storytelling is not the most obvious method of communication for many leaders to turn to and to be effective it needs to be de-risked for them.

What we cover and how?

This module shows leaders how to create compelling narratives and helps them know when and how to include personal stories to add maximum effect.

  • Individuals are engaged in the neuroscience behind the effectiveness of storytelling
  • Individuals experience and practice using a simple format  for creating narratives
  • Individuals learn the importance of ethos, pathos and logos

Outcomes for the individual


  • Establish personal credibility  (Ethos) and capture the attention of your audience


  • Create psychologically compelling and well structured narratives (Logos)


  • Empathise with your audience and create emotional connection with them (Pathos)

Outcomes for the organisation

  • Leaders can create relevant credible and “non-theatrical” stories
  • Leaders share more about themselves through personal storytelling
  • Leaders have more tools to create change and shift mindsets
  • Leaders have a method for bringing company values to life

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