Why this programme?

“Engaging” people in information is very different from “telling” or “sharing”. Stop presenting information “at” people and make your message, clear, compelling, 2-way and most importantly – truly engaging.

What we cover and how?

The module addresses what makes messages engaging and influential. It focuses on how to structure a message and also how to deliver it.

  • Individuals respond to their Catalyst feedback
  • Individuals construct and deliver messages
  • Individuals re-construct their message using the 4mat system
  • Learning to establish a “yes-set” in an audience
  • Welcome and deal with resistance

Outcomes for the individual


  • Use what is happening in a room to make it “live”


  • Build coherent messages to satisfy all personality types
  • Maintain composure in the light of challenge


  • Be human and real in your delivery
  • Connect at a deeper level with your audience

Outcomes for the organisation

  • Quicker buy in to  organisational messages
  • Leaders with more confidence to communicate change
  • The shift in culture towards more human and engaging communication
  • Improved engagement scores

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