Why this programme?

The more resilient employees are, the better able they are to cope with what’s expected of them. People in good places do good stuff. Part of this will be a result of how they are lead and part of this will come from within regardless.

What we cover and how?

The module provides a reality check on what is important to individuals and helps them revisit their priorities.

  • Individuals establish what they value and need out of work and life to remain motivated
  • Individuals reprioritise their intrinsic motivations
  • Individuals understand how change and external pressure can be perceived as a threat to their motivations
  • Individuals create personal action plans

Outcomes for the individual


  • Pay attention to what is most important to us as individuals


  • Have a structured process for reprioritisation to make performance healthy and sustainable


  • Show people that you care

Outcomes for the organisation

  • Show individuals that you care about their well-being
  • Reduce presenteeism
  • Increase engagement
  • Encourage resilience and acceptance of change

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