Why this programme?

Clients are more and more discerning in who they choose to work with, an organisation’s, expertise, products and services alone are no longer sufficient to succeed. As organisations within financial and professional services look to be the advisor of choice for clients, they recognise the need to create stronger more emotionally connected relationships with clients. 

The question continually asked of Noggin has been, how to develop this with a population whose careers have traditionally been built on a currency of technical expertise ahead of emotional competence. 

This programme provides a practical solution. 

What we cover and how?

Some people can have highly effective individual interactions although they don’t build solid relationships. Others can struggle with some interactions but they can build strong relationships over time, the ideal is to be able to do both.

  • Individuals initiate interactions, build rapport and influence from the outset
  • Individuals balance advocacy with inquiry and really listen to clients needs
  • Individuals structure and present highly relevant ideas and solutions and “pitch” them in a compelling way

Outcomes for the individual


  • Gain permission for different types of conversation
  • Be comfortable networking
  • Step into the world of the client and develop curiosity


  • Balance advocacy with inquiry and build real dialogue
  • Discover clients preferences and real drivers
  • Structure and deliver pitches in a compelling way


  • Build genuine rapport quickly with individuals
  • Find out what is really important to others and connect with them at a deeper level
  • Demonstrate authenticity and empathy
  • Maintain agreement in the face of challenge

Outcomes for the organisation

  • A differentiated client experience
  • Longer term client relationships
  • Identifying opportunities through broader conversations with clients
  • Effortless business development

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