Noggin: an organizational Corpus Callosum

It’s one thing getting to know ourselves on trainings, away days and company retreats.

Or maybe we ‘go deep’ on a yoga holiday and feel refreshed by opening up, to ourselves and to others, in a new way.

But what about landing back in the real world? In the workplace? Around our families? Our siblings?

Staying in touch with ourselves and our emotions as we move into relationship with the world is what Noggin is all about.

Let’s zoom in and look at some everyday examples.

We all buy cups of coffee right, and when we describe a barista’s job there are arguably 3 main elements to it:

  1. Making coffee.
  2. Connecting with the customer.
  3. Doing those two things together, at the same time.

Think about it. Operating a coffee machine requires left-brained application of a memorized process. Even an experienced barista needs to focus on the job in hand, to ensure a mocha is a mocha and not a macchiato.

At the same time, our coffee-creating friend needs to assess the state of each and every customer who walks through the door, and respond appropriately. Are they happy? Are they undecided? Is it time for a double? Are they disillusioned with society at large and in need of a chat?

Making these assessments takes right-brain power. It takes empathy and patience, awareness and creativity, respect and likeability.

It’s rare to find a soldier in the army who can fix machinery (left brain) as well as broker a peace deal (right brain). Or a policeman who can interpret the law accurately (left) while he mediates a disturbance on the streets (right).

And it’s even rarer to find someone in either role who can do both at the same time.

Most people are good at one of these things, but not the other.

And that’s where we come in.

At Noggin, it’s our job to help people do both, brilliantly. In fact, we see ourselves as a kind of organisational Corpus Callosum.

That’s the part of the brain that helps the logical left hemisphere speak with the emotive right.

You may have read about Noggin CEO Ben’s first driving lesson earlier in this blog. It was this mental faculty he was looking for that day, just as his patience deserted him (click here to catch up).

It’s been said that an active Corpus Callosum is the key ingredient for genius.

And we are happy to report that these days Ben’s is as active as any we know of.

So that’s the muscle we help our clients to flex.

So you get those warm coffee vibes as you order your flat white.

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