Introducing Catalyst Clara!

Back in October we wrote to you with our very first electronic update (ok, newsletter).

In that email we invited you to participate in Noggin’s newly updated “Catalyst” diagnostic tool.

As everyone knows, there’s genius in such bold steps, and as such we wanted to share the outcomes with you.

We had a great take up – more than we could have hoped for.

We thought it might be fun to combine the dozen or so results, imagining it was one person. Which might help us understand you (our customer) better, and you understand Noggin, and our audience, with more clarity.

Introducing you to ‘Catalyst Clara’!

Noggin’s very first composite client.

Indulge us as we go against the grain here… As those of you who have experienced a normal debrief of our behavioural diagnostic…. In reality only Clara herself could be coached to come up with this narrative…

We wouldn’t normally dare to impose.

So with our tongue firmly in our cheek….

“Thoughtful and Understanding”, Clara is the sort of person that everyone likes. She is great to be around and stays people-focused in everything she does.

“Natural and Authentic”, Clara is generous with encouragement and reassurance, although these contributions can be sporadic. She is skilled at engaging groups and staying Connected, is approachable and supportive, and appreciates the art form of delegation.

Looking a bit deeper, you can see that Clara values liking herself in other people’s presence.

She is a great example of Noggin’s mantra about likability (with a huge nod to Will Schutz) – that ‘I like you because I like me when I am with you.’

It’s what makes her a great catalyst.

On occasion, Clara might even be a little over-invested in likability.

If her own need to be liked is not met, she may over-involve: ‘I want these people to like me (and myself in the process) so I am going to involve them even if it’s not strictly relevant for them.’  Or, if she doesn’t like (herself in) a new group, she may disengage: ‘I don’t like (myself with) these people so I can’t be bothered to play.’

In performance conversations, Clara will structure her contributions well and offer empathetic, supportive feedback… then tell it straight to ensure the key points are heard.

As you know, we like to overlay things on to the Noggin way of thinking. Through that lens, we can summarise Catalyst Clara by saying she values and displays connection, and may be overly/under Attentive, depending on how that connection is reciprocated.

This crossover compensation between dimensions is the complexity in Clara’s make-up.

It’s also what makes her human.

If any of the above sounds familiar, that’s probably why you’ve read all the way to the end of this blog.

If you fancy exploring how you catalyse reactions in others let us know.

We’d love to meet soon and learn (even) more about you!

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