About noggin

At Noggin, we’re on a mission to make complex human interactions
simple for better, more productive interactions and business performance.

Imagine a world where clients and employees came away from you, feeling good about themselves – valued, capable, well-liked and trusted.
Wouldn’t your organisation be more engaged, perform more effectively and be more profitable? Wouldn’t your role, as a business leader,
L&D or HR professional be more rewarding and satisfying?

As behaviourologists, people’s experience of their world, and of other people, is central to what we do.
That’s why we’ve created the unique Noggin framework of ABC. It helps makes complex interpersonal interactions simple.

As simple as ABC.

What is ABC ?

At Noggin we understand what makes people tick and how to get the best out of them.

To have the best impact on those we work with – clients, stakeholders and those we lead, we need to leave them feeling Valued, Capable and Well-liked. Because these are intrinsic motivations in all humans that we ignore at our peril.

And to help make people feel Valued, Capable and Well-liked, people leaders or client facing advisors need to ensure that they are perceived to be; Attentive, Balanced and Connected. Noggin’s ABC is a practical model that delivers real emotional competence in consequential business interactions such as:

  • Performance Management
  • Delegation
  • Collaboration
  • Engaging Groups
  • Business Development

We call it situational emotional competence. It’s based on tried and proven research. Noggin’s ABC, when embedded over time, helps encourage the adoption of vital ‘go-to behaviours’. These behaviours, with practice, become so useful that people go to them naturally and automatically and use them instinctively.

Go to behaviours

  • Managing Expectations
  • Precise Listening & Questioning 
  • Building and Maintaining Rapport
  • Creating Compelling Messages


How we work

Prepare your people for anything not everything

In a fast moving, rapidly changing business world we believe that your key people need the emotional competence that will prepare them for anything.

This is radically different to the misconception that they can be prepared for everything.

At Noggin, we show you how to take emotional intelligence and turn it into emotional competence.

In our programmes, we create an engaging, visceral experience of what is really going on when human beings interact with one another. We put people on the receiving end of the behaviours they need to change.

There is a huge difference between knowing about something and being able to do it. After all, you wouldn’t teach someone to ride a bike with a PowerPoint slide deck.

Ability needs to be coached by skilled facilitators who can create irrefutable experiences and change behaviour.

That’s what Noggin deliver. It’s experiential coaching that gets results.

Making learning natural & compelling

Noggin’s approach creates real shifts in behaviour. We make learning natural and compelling, by focusing on 3 points:
1) We really get what makes certain interactions tricky in crucial contexts.
2) We show people what is really going on under the surface by raising their self-awareness.
3) We show them what to do about it by improving their interpersonal range of behaviour.


Measurable results with Catalyst

The Catalyst Process

Catalyst is our unique development process that delivers a tangible shift in self-awareness and behavioural flexibility for anyone who leads people.

It begins with a diagnostic that measures emotional competence in a comprehensive range of activities  – Performance Management, Delegation, Collaboration and Engaging Groups. The diagnostic gives precise feedback and enables the creation of a tailored, personally focused, development plan.

People leaders then attend a series of workshops or one-to-one interventions. They are tangibly linked to their diagnostic feedback and provide exactly the development needed.

A short time after the interventions, the diagnostic is run again and the changes in behaviour, brought about by Catalyst, are assessed and measured.

The Catalyst Process gives people leaders more flexibility in how they think, communicate and behave. It delivers the self-awareness, mindsets, resilience, leadership models and techniques needed.


Look for the Catalyst logo for workshops supported by the noggin Catalyst process

noggin programmes

Noggin have developed and deliver a series of experiential programmes, all driven by the ABC model.They provide a personalised, practical insight into human behaviour. They can run in a variety of workshop lengths and formats, covering these areas:

Team noggin

All of our workshops are run by expert associates fully qualified in the noggin method.
Click on any below to find out more or download documents for full details.

Ben Houghton


I am the CEO and co-founder of noggin an innovative people development consultancy specialising in interpersonal agility for a range of critical business contexts.

Download full CV

Maxine Gooding

Noggin Facilitator

I have extensive experience in the banking and financial services sector. I bring uncommon sense to improving the connection between the internal colleague and the external client experience.

Download full CV

David Barwick

Noggin Facilitator

I work as a specialist coach and facilitator across a number of different industries. I believe everybody has the ability to improve how they perform in all areas of their life, and I take pride in the fact that I have a strong ability to facilitate people to do this.

Download full CV

Kay Woodburn

Noggin Facilitator

I love working with new people and am deeply curious about the mystery that is human behaviour. I am a mother of two and over the past 14 years have successfully juggled a happy family life with a number of demanding senior leadership roles.

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Caroline Flin

Noggin Facilitator

I am an experienced coach and facilitator; passionate about learning and the role that people development can play within organisations.

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Tom Answer

Noggin Facilitator

I am an innovative and skilled coach, facilitator and instructional designer with broad experience of working across a number of industries with professionals at all organisational levels.

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noggin clients

Our clients are allies in forward-looking organisations that understand the value of improving interpersonal interactions for business success. We’ve worked with L&D and HR professionals, and people leaders, from a wide variety of sectors.

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Contact Noggin

If you’d like to know more about Noggin, our ABC model and how our programmes can help your organisation please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Noggin are based in central London. We operate all over the UK and Europe.

7-8 Stratford Place, London, W1C 1AY

Telephone:  0203 858 0199

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